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What Is Shibaverse Metaverse? Shiba verse vs Shiba INU

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Shibaverse is a new Metaverse and the capital of this Metaverse is Shibacity. The Shibacity the capital of Shibaverse start from Genesis which will be situated on the shore of the sea and this city is the most popular place of this entire district. Like in our real-world there is new your city.

Other places of the capital Shibacity will be represented by Shiba Inu token and by its product. In simple way the name of other places will be based on the ecosystem of Shiba Inu.

It has also been heard that there will be a big city under the sea in Shibaverse whose name is Shibarium which is going to be liked by all the people. Many thing are going to happen here like- Shiba Academy, community, online events and meetups, some kind of 3D galleries with the art of created by users, project/pet/ accessories and a NFT market for everyone and you can do some gaming challenges in Shibaverse. There are still many things to be included in this. Shibaverse says that they welcome and respects all of the ideas of the people. They also said that the future is going to be better because it is just the beginning.

Shibaverse announced the two biggest goals in front of people.

1 – Entertainment and Creating Financial Ways for Shibaverse Community.

In Shibaverse we will get to see many such places which will be related to Shiba Inu Token and it also has some such projects which are going to become the centre of attention of the people like- Shibarium, Shibaswap, ShibaNet. And I hope that all these projects are going to be the favourite projects of Shiba community.

By doing this, the company wants to focus the attention of more and more people so that the company can make its own identity in the world of Metaverse.

Shibaverse is going to be a complete world in itself. Just like the new opportunities of employment in real world, in the same way, a lot of attention is being paid to the opportunity of creating wealth for the people.

2 – Want to Educate Young People.

It often happens that when children or young people study from books, then after some time they forget most of part of books. If they are shown a movie by not giving them books, then the story of that movie remains on their tongue. This does not mean that books are useless. Books have been a great part of our lives and will continue to be so.

The company also says that they love young people and wants to pursue them, and not only the youth but also the teenagers can earn money by playing the game in Shibaverse and help their family financially. Shiba Academy and Shiba Studio will be two such centres of Shibaverse where children will be guided.

Your Shiba NFT 2.0 | Shiva INU vs Shibaverse

1 – Gateway

If you have Shiba Inu NFT then you can become a part of all those events happening in Shibaverse, for which this Metaverse will be known. These NFTs will help you to participate in all the events in this Metaverse like game challenges taking payable and much more and if you are parents then you can participate in the educational track with your children at Shiba Academy.

2 – Uniqueness of Shiba

Each Shiba Inu will be unique in itself just like our fingerprints. It will also have its skills, Strengths and its weaknesses. With increasing age as we learn things, in the same way it will also change.

3 – Puppies That Can Make Money

In Shibaverse you can be the owner of many Shiba. If you have both male and female Shibas then more new Shiba can be born through them. These new Shiba will be better than its parents Shiba and with time it will get better. The Price of these new Shiba puppies in the market can be very high because some of them will be better in play2earn competitions.

Your Real-estate

Selling and Buying

When we are comparing Shibaverse with our real world, then a way to earn money in it will also be a real-estate. Whose price will be determined on the basis of its size, location and what’s better in that. With time we will also see inflation in it.

Helpful For the Birth of Shiba

If you are the owner of a real-estate in Shibaverse then your Shibas will be able to have produce Shiba puppies easily and the number of also puppies born will also increase. Due to which you will become financially strong. How big will be the size of your property, you can keep as many Shiba pairs.

NFT Shop and Galleries

These shops and galleries will be the best way to make money. You can place your NFTs in these shops and galleries. Which will be a very good way for the buyer to see that product. It may take some time for this kind of feature to come.

Some another Features

Upgraded Version for Shiba

If your Shiba have some kind of upgraded version like wearing and accessories etc… then it will help to boost skills in the game.

Create and Sell

You can create some kind of stuff in the Shibaverse, maybe it will be custom wearing product and you can sell this type of product to other users. It will help you to generate money.

Learn and Earn

You can collect some kind of accessories during exploring the Metaverse or taking some classes in Shiba Academy.

Best Parts of Shibaverse

  • NFT 2.0 Marketplace
  • Play1earn Gaming
  • VR experience And Virtual Walks
  • Verse Token market Buyback and Burn
  • Virtual Shops
  • Freelance Job Opportunities
  • Defi Tools Utilizing Shiba Ecosystem
  • Interactive Education Tracks

What kind of expectations do you have from the Metaverse; do share your opinion with us. We are here for you.

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