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Top 5 Cisco Routers for Small and Large Businesses

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A router is an Inter-Networking Device and the function of a router is to enable communication between the Networks. There are two types of routers, Software Routers, and Hardware Routers. The routers of Cisco provide intent-based networking for the WAN, LAN, and cloud. Most of the routers of Cisco include advanced analytics application optimization provisioning integrated security to deliver a complete province solution. Cisco is a leading Network company and one of the trusted IT and hardware solutions, it also deals with all types of networks. Some other types of routers are wireless routers, core routers, edge routers, and VPN routers. Routers sometimes are also called traffic cops for the small businesses network. Routers keep the data moving among the multiple network sites and as well to your Internet service provider different routers are used to serve different business purposes. Routers help to run businesses smoothly by connecting your business to outside the world and also protecting the critical information from security Threats and they also increase productivity and decrease the cost. There are Cisco distributors who sell the services and products of Cisco globally. There are various Cisco distributor in Dubai and US and mostly all around the world.

Wireless routers

A wireless router is directly connected to the modem by a cable which allows it to receive information and transmit information to the Internet we discussed above that the main function of routers is to connect two networks together because the router creates communication with your home Wi-Fi networking.

Core routers

The core router was called interface message processor IMP; core routers also are the communication system divides that is also called the backbone of network the device linked all networking devices it provides the fast speed of networking Connection. The main function of a core router is to manage the flow of data packets within the network, mainly it is used in large computer networks.

Edge router 

An edge router Is a networking device that maintains a connection and secured the enterprise traffic to the cloud. what are the functions of the age group basically the edge routers enable remote employees to connect with the corporate LAN through the network, the edge router is located at the network boundary which enables the internal network to connect to the external network.

VPN routers  

VPN routers are the routers that are configured automatically and connect to the VPN servers. Although there are some VPN routers that are portable and can be installed and configured in any area that has an Internet connection and user skin connect directly by using a wireless network through wired LAN.

Mainly most businesses either they are small or Big enterprises prefers Cisco networking services and solution. Cisco is one of the leading Networking in hardware solutions that are trusted by millions of people and that is why they have Cisco authorized dealer available globally.

How to select the right Router for your business?

While selecting a router there are some points that one needs to be considered according to Your preference like our Internet speed, security level, office size, and the number of users. While selecting the routers one should not forget to focus on the product description to match the capability of the router to your preference. It is very important to select the right router because it is the essential part of ruining a secure system. To make your data and information secure routers are very important they block incoming traffic that is not required by your network or your network has a threat from it. The main thing to note is that this protection is given until the devices are connected with the network. Routers also are the source of hardware firewall protection; the firewall is designed to prevent the infiltration outside sources of internet traffic. But the sole proprietorship and small businesses don’t deal much with sensitive information that is why they don’t need some routers which are needed and used by large enterprises. Large enterprises need a high level of security and also the large enterprises are the more employees they have, so they need to upgrade on the router which allows more connections whereas small businesses don’t need many devices to connect with the router because they usually have a small team of employees.

Cisco routers for small businesses

For small businesses, Cisco has a wide range of series of Cisco routers that are recommended. But it is also tricky to select the perfect router from the series.

Meraki Go GX20

It is a security gate away router Preferred for small businesses and it is the easiest way that manages is your networking equipment and also provides you enterprises level security through a firewall and router through the intuitive mobile application. The user capacity of this router is under 50, with light network usage, this router is ideal for small hospitality retail and small offices.  This security gateway router will keep you a business is connected with devices and secure you from cyber threats. with this router easily 32 to 50 devices are connected at one time. Meraki go built-in business-grade security to prevent cyber-attacks and ensure to block Unauthorized network sites to Ensure the appropriate network use.  With this router you will have Peace of Mind because it provides automatic firmware and security updates which is as well time-saving.

Meraki MX64

This Meraki router is Integrated ran outer and firewall Security and SD-WAN for small enterprises which offers traffic shaping, application prioritization auto VPN, VLAN, and DHCP support with an advanced level of security services. This router provides centralized management via the best dashboard or API and it has firmware updates like mobile phone, it instantly root cause analyses and degradation with the intelligent recommendation and gives the status of multi-site and links in one view. It has built-in SD-WAN connectivity to the Cisco umbrella in global data centers.

Main highlights of Meraki MX64 

  • WAN: 2GBE
  • LAN: 4GBE
  • Firewall throughput: 250 MBPS
  • VPN throughput: 100 Mbps (site to site)
  • Support: up to 50 users at a time.

R series 


This router supports Dual land with the SFP Capability and failover capability and it also supports serval other different functionalities related to LAN including DHCP static IP, pppoe PPTP, and l2tp and ipv6 this wireless router supports 2.4 gigahertz. This router supports captive portals and lobby ambassadors which is helpful in providing temporary access to guests. RV160W is the best router for small businesses like dental setups, real estate, and small branch deployment. This router also supports static routing. RV160 is a reliable secure routing for small businesses.


It is a VPN router with excellent performance flexibility and security. This router from the R series is a secure and powerful router that is specially built for small-medium businesses and is ideal for remote-base offices. This router offers a new user interface, dual-core CPU and It has eight ports, a USB model failover, business-grade firewall. This router supports 20 IPSec it also supports site-to-site open VPN PPTP, GRE Tunnel. It also filters out the content for security purposes and it allows you to block the domains which can cause security threats.


The RV340 is the best router for startups and small businesses, this router provides the businesses advance and secure connection high-speed access. this router connects securely keeps the connection to the internet and gives the employers a high level of security from viruses, cyber network attacks unwanted content, and malicious sites. What’s better than getting all this without even compromising on the online experience. This router has UTM and it is one of the most desirable small businesses connectivity solutions. It has a dual WAN business-class firewall, and a flexible VPN option.

Top 5 routers for big business

Cisco catalyst 8500 series edge platform

 This edge platform provides SD-WAN, security by design, custom silicon, and optimize multi-cloud networking. This router is used by large-scalable enterprises mostly because its high-performance cloud edge is designed to accelerate the services and gives multi-layer security. The main features it has are all-new third-generation quantum flow processor (QFP), more than 2.5 X higher IP sec throughput, multicore control processor, interface flexibility options and 100 GE ports, and hardware anchored secured both and some other features as well.

Cisco catalyst 8300 series edge platform

This Cisco router is specially designed for branches that need high-speed multi-cloud access with more advanced WAN wireless capabilities, that mainly target integration of computer storage and services that are flexible. This router is the best breed of a 5g ready cloud edge platform to accelerate services and high-level security. This catalyst is recommended for large enterprises and offices for high-performance and WAN IPsec with integrated SD-WAN services. Because it has all the required features which are needed by large-scale enterprises.

Cisco catalyst 8000V edge software 

This router had made Secure Multi-cloud connection Easy now, just bridge the WAN edge and the cloud edge with catalyst 8000V edge software and easily apply the policies end to end. It just not only optimizes the application but also enhances the user experience. This catalyst delivers agility and a high level of security to provide visibility to a new multi-cloud world. This router empowers enterprises and cloud providers to build the highest secure scalable optimized and consistent hybrid networks.

Cisco Networking Convergence System NCS 5500 series

The NCS 500 Series offers 100 GbE and 400 GbE ports and it is capable of handling the massive traffic growth that is with it is used by large enterprises. It is designed for operational simplicity to meet the requirements of large businesses efficiently. This router handles a big amount of traffic with a modular system that delivers unprecedented 100G and 400G density and also provides a high level of security. This router upgrades your systems with flexible consumption models which let your network evolve and you don’t need to worry about the upgrades. Also, it reduces the environmental impacts with systems by delivering lower power consumption of 0.3 watts, and via automation tools, it reduces onsite operations. This router is perfect for big-scale enterprises because of its exceptional features and high level of security.

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