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Top Football Prediction Websites | Most Accurate Football Prediction Sites

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Football is a popular sport with its range of attractions, especially during live tournaments. Any match that involves your favorite players would become extra important to you, and you would be more interested in them. Everyone expects a reliable estimation of any exciting sport. These tournaments are not only entertaining, but they also have various benefits. Making predictions while watching the game adds to the excitement. A solid judgment made during a football match can help you succeed financially and results.

You must be looking for the most accurate football prediction sites, that is why to help you in your selection, we have come up with a list where you can find the most accurate draw prediction services in the world and you’ll learn why and how each of these football prediction sites is ranked. So let’s get started!

100 Sure Football Prediction Apps & Websites

 1. Confirmbets – football prediction app

Confirmbets is the leading football prediction site. Hundreds of top professionals and experienced gamblers from all across the world work with Confirmbets. They’re referred to as gurus, and they offer services like- making football predictions, making recommendations, discussing ideas, and researching statistics to ensure that all new customers have a thorough understanding of the online betting market.

Customers may explore through the winning tickets of these experts on the site, allowing them to speak with and learn from them.

The Basic Plan, VIP Plan, Guru Plans, and New Plans are some of the membership plans available. The options are undoubtedly a little expensive, with monthly prices ranging from $10 to $70.

2. 1960Tips – best football prediction app

1960Tips is one of the most popular and accurate football prediction websites, developed an algorithm using artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict the match results correctly. The website is completely free and is one of the greatest mobile apps available.

They provide a complete guide to smart betting that will help all new gamblers make accurate judgments and detailed statistics on clubs, players, and matches in general.

They are one of the greatest soccer draw prediction sites, offering free daily advice as well as premium membership options such as 50-100 Odds Membership, Bookies’ Bashing Membership, Basic, and Pro Plan Membership. All of them can be rented weekly, monthly, or annually.

3. Tips180 – best soccer prediction app

Tips180 is the most accurate football prediction site, offering football predictions and tips, an in-depth study of over 50 leagues, and a unique approach for classifying all betting schemes for various markets.

Tips180 is known as the most accurate football prediction site, offering football predictions and tips, in-depth study of over 50 leagues, and a unique approach for classifying all betting schemes for various markets. They provide daily free advice and paid membership options such as 50-100 Odds Membership, Bookies’ Bashing Membership, Basic, and Pro Plan Membership.

They encourage beginner bettors to become pros by teaching them about odds, bet kinds, and different betting strategies to provide the best possible experience. They also have weekly, monthly, and yearly subscription packages. The weekly membership price is $5, while the annual membership fee is $105.

4. Forebet – best draw prediction app

Examining the various statistical analysis of football experts is one of the smartest approaches to put a bet. Forebet provides quantitative football predictions based on statistically analyzed data from over 300 football leagues.

The site is completely free, and it includes one of the best mobile apps on the market.

They offer a variety of affordable price plans to give quality data that will help their businesses provide the best value to their customers. There are three versions: free, basic, and premium. The basic plan costs $15 per month, whereas the premium plan costs $25.

5. Sporty Trader – best draw prediction website

SportyTrader claims to be the world’s top draw prediction site, with all of its tips, analysis, and statistics available at no cost.  They also provide a complete betting system through which anyone may safely place bets.

They also provide a complete betting system through which anyone may safely place bets. You may also locate all of the most up-to-date and interesting betting offers on the internet right there. It’s an easy, well-designed website with everything you need in one location.

They may provide you with nearly 37 posts per week in addition to soccer predictions if you want the most regular updates on soccer predictions. It’s a great number with a good chance of being right. You’ll be allowed to get predictions for almost every match in real-time.

Few More Most Accurate Football Prediction Website

  1.  Overlyzer

The Overlyzer is the medium for both experienced and aspiring tippers.  The website is one of the most accurate soccer prediction sites, with a variety of features, including in-play soccer betting.

The website is one of the greatest soccer draw prediction sites, with various features, including in-play soccer betting. Using over 800 leagues covered, the company shows how much pressure is placed on both teams and puts the match situation in contrast with simple graphics.

The blue line represents pressure on the home team, while pressure on the opposing team is represented by the red line. A team’s chances of scoring in the following few minutes increase as the number increases. As a registered user, you can set custom settings to see only those games that are related to your scheduled live bets.

  1.  Betloy

Betloy is a useful site for sports bettors and other people who are interested in gambling. They have benefited millions of people in making money by providing sports statistics.

Many individuals inquire about fixed matches, and they can certainly state that those who sell them are fraudsters running a sophisticated pyramid system. They warn you against looking into fixed matches because you will be cheated. As a result, they deny any involvement in such schemes. You may also get soccer predictions for the weekend and weekdays on Betloy.com.

  1.  Tipsterion 

Tipsterion is the greatest football draw prediction website, and it’s run by a group of sports experts who are dedicated to giving you only the best and most well-researched betting recommendations.

They’ve been predicting bets for almost seven years, and one thing they’ve learned is that correctly evaluating matches and profiting from bets is extremely difficult. As a result, the company has decided to share its betting knowledge and experience with interested individuals. They provide gamblers with a dependable and, above all, trustworthy betting platform.

As a result, they’ve formed an experienced betting management team that keeps their reputation and aims for a happy user base. It’s simple: it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved if they provide you with their absolutely useful gaming recommendations.

  1.  Matchplug

MatchPlug is among the most well-known and accurate soccer prediction sites

with a huge number of customers worldwide. It matches bettors with winning recommendations. They make expert predictions based on in-depth data analysis of the world’s greatest football leagues and tournaments.

MatchPlug is the best betting prediction platform for those looking for winning betting tips. Their football betting recommendations are accurate, especially with a well-thought-out bet of the day and football predictions hand-picked by a professional betting specialist.

Experienced gamblers have discovered the value of betting throughout the years and have created this website to help every bettor increase their wealth. Every user should obtain unmatched value from both the website and the app daily.

  1. Soccer Vista

Soccer Vista, founded in 1999, is one of the world’s oldest prediction services. This means they have more than 20 years of expertise in providing football fans with all of the required statistics, selections, information, rankings, and results from more than 300 leagues.

It is absolutely free, making it an excellent option for anyone new to online sports betting who requires help. 

It allows you to profit the most from your favorite sport- Soccer. Not only are reliable predictions provided, but there are also suggestions and ideas for bettering investment and future promotions. This appears to be a reliable and accurate source for predicting. The site publishes six articles per week, which is both sufficient and effective.

  1. Betensured.com

Betensured.com is the best football draw prediction site, with all of the most useful features. This online business offers betting tips to help gain profits in soccer predictions, giving them a significant advantage over other gamblers in the betting area or on some football betting sites.

You may be guaranteed to get accurate football predictions for free from this service, which will result in more wins than defeats.

Betensured.com evaluates crucial data and trends and risk management to give soccer predictions that are at least 90% accurate, whether they are in the French Ligue, La Liga, or elsewhere.

  1. 7Victoria’s Predict 

Victoria’s Predict, the world’s self-proclaimed most accurate football prediction site, is perfect for both beginners and experts.

All of their clients receive free advice, match analysis, the most recent results, league tables, and investment choices. Their investing method is quite interesting since they allow bettors to generate a regular daily reward while also receiving professional coaching.

There are three packages available: free, silver, and gold. The Silver plan costs $25 per month, while the Gold plan costs $35 per month. Both plans are also available every week.

  1. Mighty Tips

Mighty Tips is known for providing accurate soccer predictions. The team examines the unique characteristics of the matches to produce accurate predictions. The entire research is centered on ultimate reconditioning, which helps in improving betting bids and making the greatest game judgments.

It’s not just for soccer gamblers; it’s also for die-hard supporters who want to know everything there is to know about their favorite teams. To deliver the greatest experience possible, they encourage new bettors to become pros by teaching them about odds, bet types, and different betting methods.

Since it is ranked 1101 internationally, Mighty Tips is the top site for draw prediction. Furthermore, it provides a limitless number of soccer predictions, but there is a catch: you will need to subscribe to see that exclusive list.

  1. PredictZ

PredictZ is widely known as the most reliable and accurate football draw prediction site worldwide. They provide free analysis, football statistics and form, recent results, league tables, and more.

They keep records of all of the best football teams in the world. Their primary focus, though, is the English Premier League. The service is completely free, and the site is mobile-friendly. However, they do not have a dedicated mobile app at this time.

In order to deliver the greatest experience possible, they encourage new bettors to become professionals by teaching them about odds, bet types, and different betting patterns.

  1. LeagueLane

LeagueLane is one of the greatest sites for generating predictions because their experienced team specializes in doing so and works hard to provide you with in-depth and well-researched predictions, plus a number of other items to consider.

Their mission is to help new sportswriters get into the profession by offering a foot in the door and a chance to perfect their skills and deliver accurate predictions and the best daily betting suggestions.

Over the years, they’ve helped a lot of young writers get started, and their professional network makes LeagueLane a truly unique site for betting recommendations.


Football is the most viewed sport and investors and gamblers are crazy about it. There are infinite football prediction sites but to help you in your decision making we have made a list of the top most most accurate football prediction sites, that are reviewed and ranked while considering several factors like experience, team, services, location, plans they offer and many more. We hope that you found all the information that you came looking for.

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